Blog2004 ≫ A wireless how-to

The box is a bit ripped... If there was owt wrong with it they would take it back (maybe I should give it a whack..?) but they say if there's nothing up with it and the shrinkwrap is off, then no go. It was my mistake, so fair enough.

Yes, like you I already have a modem and all you needed was the wireless router right.

You're right about how the wireless router works (though I didn't know all this before I plugged it all in just now) - you pull out the cable that goes between your computer and your modem at the moment, there's another one of those provided, and the router goes between the two... the router then seemingly has space for another 3 PC's to be plugged in, and also it's got the wireless capabilities too...

Sounds to me like you want either the new one I am using now (which I am not selling), or just a regular router - do you have any wireless devices then? I guess the normal way to do it with two computers is plug one in directly, and get a wireless card for the second one, so it can be in another room, no cables trailing... That's what I have, in my case the second on is the pocket pc.

Anyway, as you can see, I am online now, with the new router, but not tried the wireless bits of it yet, so speak next week...

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