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Far too much eating and drinking the rest of the weekend too, it's almost good to be back at work... No, it's not, that's ridiculous, it was a great weekend. We did return to the beer festival again, and then went home and watched Taxi1 ( not this one1), what we have had in the house for years but have never seen. I liked it, Clare less so, even though she speaks French. Lots of cheesy car chasing and stuff. If it'd been American I would have liked it less, if it had been racing around Folkestone I think I'd have liked it more.

Tried and failed to shop for a sofa yesterday, went up to Maidstone as there's a big DFS there2, but I found the whole not being able to find what I wanted quite gloomy, so we came home. We're after quite a snazzy looking sofa, in an L-shape, nice, and not leather, and it's impossible... we thought this one3 might just cut the mustard, but seeing it in the flesh and actually sitting in it, it's too low and not comfortable enough. It was depressing me that the only good ones seemed to be made of leather, and even if I keep telling myself "recycled cow, recycled cow, recycled cow" that's perhaps too much of a compromise. I don't think I can do it.

On return home, we cooked a massive cauldron of curry for the week (we were out of cumin seeds and so swapped them for mustard seeds, how's that going to affect the taste?), and a chilli (which we done scoffed the whole lot of yesterday), and watched some more Inspector Morse.

Beautiful morning today, could be just that I'm rested and more appreciative of it. And it's a short week! We're lining up dinner plans for the weekend already, back to Escondido I hope.

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