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Well it was a lunch more than an actual party, and there's really not a huge amount to report, and you're not interested anyway, but HELLO TO ME IN THE FUTURE, how's it going five years from now? Do you remember that day, about five years ago, when you were sat at work one afternoon and it was pretty quiet because all the people on your projects had taken holiday? You were doing some API research for work, and fixing that embedded form javascript for londonbreaks.com1? You were watching the clock a bit and looking forward to your folks arriving for the weekend.

Anyway, the previous Friday to this day you had your work christmas lunch, at the Brewery Tavern in Canterbury. We packed in work nice and early at about 12.30 and drove over there, I got a lift in John ) 's car. We parked at his flat, on the far outskirts of Canterbury near the hospital, nice building his flat is in, and walked in from there. We had a new starter at work that week called Craig, he was meant to be following us, got lost somehow, didn't have anyone's number, we didn't have his number and he missed the whole affair, oops.

Food was OK (at least they remembered my vegan meal. Starter was a sort of tomato salad with balsamic dressing, main was just roast vegetables (but with no potatoes, can you believe it?), and pud was probably fruit. The drink was flowing, had a few pints of 'Storm Warning" which is very nice indeed, very dark, and also some wine with the meal. We dished out our "secret santa" work presents, I got a QI type book of facts for smart arses. There was a departmental award thing going on, voted for by members of the team, and I didn't win anything. The only one I would have been in with a chance of was some kind of "know it all" award, so sort of glad not to have been nominated there. I was hardly in with a chance of the "Mr / Ms Sunshine" prize.

After lunch, people started to bail, though I carried on with a fairly large core of partiers. We went to The Boudoir Bar, which I've not been to before, and then to another bar opposite The Boudoir Bar that I can't remember the name of. I am pretty sure it said "Oddfellows Hall" on the outside, but it was called something different.

At some point in the early evening I tried to be sensible and get the bus home, but I got to the bus stop just at the lull in the timetable, there wasn't another due for about an hour, so I went back to the bar again. They nearly didn't let me in (because I was wearing trainers, not because I was too drunk, of course) but then remembered me from earlier. I must have got one of the last busses home of the evening, pretty impressive stuff, I must have been sat on that bus for an hour with a belly full of beer.

I got chips when I got back to Folkestone, and then sat up with Clare for a bit. The end.

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