Blog2009 ≫ Our day out

Went to London, it rained, and we ate a lot. Lovely day!

Went to London. It rained. Had a nice day anyway. Here's where we went:


We did not see any rioting or anything, but we did fit in a Thai Square1 lunch with Emma, coffee, few pubs, and some sort of shopping. Feel a bit bad about the shopping really, we went only to look at things we had no intention of buying, with a view to ordering them online when we got home. We're ordering a cot and a tumble dryer from the same companies we went to see them in (John Lewis2 and Mamas and Papas3), but the helpful shop assistants see no benefit from helping us out. See the death of the high street, that's our fault. Actually in the case of the Mamas and Papas4 cot, we're ordering it from a shop locally, so maybe we're not all bad.

Ended the day with a fairly amazing "Syrah Reserva" from Chocolan5. Probably wine just tastes better when you're already in a good mood, but this was brilliant. Got it from Karl's a couple of weeks ago, and have the rest of it still to enjoy tonight. Smells exactly like that Peter Lehmann Shiraz Clare got me for valentine's day, and tasted a lot like it too. I think it's going to be even better today. Watched the latest Lost last night too, through the xbox media centre, which worked great! No need to burn stuff onto DVD any more. Will be watching the latest Life that way tonight too, and a murder too, probably Dalziel and Pascoe... Chili for dinner, vino collapso and murder, Sunday nights are great.

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