Blog2011 ≫ Badger and apple sauce

Saw a badger, and Harry is talking A LOT now.

In London for the second day this week. The guard on our high speed train up here threatened to make someone pay the fine of double the full fair because the guy had got on at Folkestone without buying a ticket. He was in a hurry, and it's always ok to buy your ticket on the train, it's not like you can get off without a ticket. The guard decided to play the power trip though and pretend he was going to have to fine him, was a dick about it. Glad we had tickets in advance today, if I am running late I jump on without a ticket. It's not like there is any advantage to buying in advance, we are paying the full whack of nearly sixty quid for a day return.

Saw a badger last night on the way home, think that was the first time I have seen a live badger in the wild. He was running down Hospital Hill and ducked into the area behind our garden. So maybe it's not rats that have been eating the fat balls I put out for the birds, maybe it is a climbing badger.

Kev and Guiselle and Luke have gone back to America now, sorry to see them go, what a flying visit. From their trip to Paris they brought me a rubiks cube from The Louvre, with a different work of art on each face. I've not done it yet, rubiks cube with pictures is more difficult as it matters if the centres twist round, whereas it does not when the faces are plain.

The boy is saying apple sauce constantly at the moment, not sure why, it is very cute though. If you say apple sauce back to him he changes it to "Daddy sauce", "Mummy sauce" "Nanny sauce" etc.

Just stopped for lunch, very busy this week, we're on the final week of the first phase of this big project I've been working on. Looking forward to being able to take a break from it.

Have looked into hotels for the Suede gigs, don't seem to be many bargains about. Clare is on about saving money by staying in CROYDON (the gig is at Brixton which seems a bit extreme. Good on the budgeting front though. I thought we'd find a cheapo South London travelodge type place no problem. I will ask around...

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