Blog2010 ≫ Seven undrunken nights

PLUS I can save 400 this year by not having a lunchtime starbucks

That's seven days of not drinking, and seven days of not going to Starbucks too. That might be the hardest one to give up, especially as helpful workmates are offering to fetch one back for me. Not drinking will save the most money, but if I pack in my almost daily starbucks, that's currently 1.66 a day, 8.30 a week, about four hundred quid a year. Plus all the environmental shenanigans of doing that extra drive.

Let's say I'm going to do it, what should I spend 400 quid on? A Google phone?

People are snowboarding down the landscape garden hillocks in front of the office today, I would go out and take pictures if it wasn't so cold. I stole this one off our intranet:


UPDATE: Video!

@monkey_chops is going to be in big trouble with someone for misusing a tray from the canteen... Cheers @elizabethhare for the tip.

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