Blog2011 ≫ Excellent homemade dinner today

I had one of the dinners I made the other day and it was fabulous, sausage casserole, roast carrots, leeks, peas, and swede and potato mash, really really tasty. I forgot to mention I also made carrot and coriander soup the same day, that was ace too so I will be making some more at the weekend. Hope I can get a mass of bargain veg again this weekend, doubt it though. Maybe everyone will be stocking up on jelly and other street party food and leaving the root vegetables behind. Got the day off tomorrow anyway while Clare is working so I will buy what I can and make some goodies.

Got a nice long weekend lined up, even longer than last weekend, five days off in a row, lovely. Got to take the car in to have its lights fixed as they have gone, just bulbs though I am sure.

Achieving stuff at work, trying not to make too many wild changes though as I'm off for so long.

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