Blog2009 ≫ New series of Peep Show tonight

Cheers @itchypaws for the tip off. Will it be on 4OD tonight too?

Series 61:

Newly promoted Mark decides to enjoy his additional power and wealth by splashing out on a boiler, a 'creamy elephant' sofa and by finding Jeremy a job in the office. Things are also looking promising for Mark in his pursuit of Dobby, the company IT girl. However, a routine fire drill puts his plans into total disarray.

Presumably will be on 4od2 asap, hopefully tonight. We have been watching quite a bit of David Mitchell recently at least, he's cropped up on all of the TV shows we ever watch apart from Countdown3 and Eggheads. Clare has plans to watch tonnes of Strictly Come Dancing :-(

Very busy at work at the moment preparing for a couple of huge projects to go live at once.

[ticket]Strictly Come Dancing[/ticket]

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