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I got a ticketmaster email today to tell me John Barrowman is playing Portsmouth Guildhall... doing what? Acting out scenes from Doctor Who, or a medley of songs from his West End showdays? Intriguing, I might go if it was local. And if it wasn 27. In fact, no, I probably wouldn't go.

Very much enjoyed The Mighty Boosh last night, not quite as good as the first one of the new series, but still great.

Done more JSON messing about, you can now get A javascript feed of venues by town. Fascinating.

Going to be busy at work today, just starting an interesting new short project last thing yesterday, to run alongside my normal work, something I've been hinting that I should do for a while now, hope I don't mess it up...

javascript: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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