Blog2010 ≫ Today is the 20th anniversary

of my 18th birthday, lawks. Happy birthday Clare too xxx

... of my 18th birthday. Happy birthday to Clare too, aren't we great having birthdays on the same day?

Happy birthday also to work chum @jodiedoubleday whose birthday is today too. I don't see many famous birthdays for this day that I recognise, except Gary Gygax and Alexandre Dumas, both dead. Oh, not that Alexandre Dumas, dumbass, but his son.

Got some lovely things today, wine, chocolates, Richard Herring's book1, and Stewart Lee tickets, smart!

I reactivated my facebook account today, as I heard there was now an option to delete it permanently, which I think I have now done - it's deactivated and will be permanently deleted in 14 days. Delete your account here2.

Two years to go until the London Olympics which makes it my fortieth birthday. Come on, if anything qualifies anyone to free tickets to the opening ceremony it must be that?

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