Blog2009 ≫ Where'd my paternity leave go?

See you back in work Monday :-(

Man alive that quality time with Clare and the boy has gone fast, one more day of it really. I should spend less of the remainder on the computer! The boy is sleeping and Clare is getting ready for us to go down town though.

As I already mentioned he's sleeping a lot better now, sleeping for longer and going down easier. We have a kind of routine where Clare expresses some milk in the day, then she does the last "real" feed at 10pm, then I get up and do the next one with a bottle on demand... it's about 2.30 so far, but hope it to get later and later. He's drinking more and more each time, which I think is all according to plan!

Have made an appointment to register his birth, once we have the birth certificate then we can open a bank account for him.

. Going to pop in Boots and get some of these pictures printed to send out to people.

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