Blog2005 ≫ A perfect day for working from home

Most people are off, it's very quiet at work, why am I not working from home today? So many people are out that I was locked out of the office for over an hour until someone with a key turned up. On top of having to buy a full price return to get into work (not worth renewing my season ticket until after christmas) at THIRTY FIVE QUID, I'm really not chuffed to be here today.

Amusing myself until I warm up by constantly refreshing on latest photobucket images1, just random pictures that people are uploading and mostly using in their blogs.

Oh yes, we finished Angel yesterday, last episode of the last ever series, very sad. Almost as sad as poor Toga. Here's an opportunity for Google to generate some good PR - report EVERYONE who's searching for how to cook a penguin. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, I'm looking at you...

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