Blog2007 ≫ Sweet titles revisited

I've replaced some code at work with sweet titles1 from Dustin Diaz23, that I've been using here for ages - hover over most of the links, more info will probably pop up. The original author has long stopped updating this code, too many stupid comments from users like me probabably, but I've found a little problem and fixed it, so I've updated here and there and you can download the source code if you like. It's all about document.documentElement.scrollTop vs document.body.scrollTop. I've made my copy of it all self contained, even though this means duplicating a little code.

The main change was as a result of a problem in IE4, where if you're scrolled down the page in certain circumstances the pop up tool tip doesn't appear where the mouse cursor is, it could appear off the page. I found a solution here on about.com5, and made a few other changes to put some of my own preferences back in, cheecking if links are local, and tidying up the reported URL etc. It's all self contained, doesn't rely on any other libraries or need any non standard edits to your page, in fact all the benefits can be found on the original sweet titles post6.

I might make more changes to this later to implement some ideas I got from and my (kind of messy) artist links too7.

js: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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