Not sure why yesterday's graph makes me look less active

Not sure why yesterday's graph makes me look less active

It may not even appear until later today but yesterday's graph is going to show me having a lot more "sitting still" time than previous days. Could be because I slept longer, went to bed at a sensible time. Working from home makes some sort of difference, though I did two school runs and ran at lunchtime then too. It was less active than a weekend but not sure why it's less active than a day in the office. Last Thursday also looks to be more time spent just sitting too so it does seem to be my WFH days.

I have figured out I am very unlikely to make the treadmill "pay" unless I keep it for another year. If I only count my uses of it, it's still going to come in at approximately £30 per month for a year, which is probably about the same as gym fees. If I sell it this January, I should get a lot of my money back, then it pays for itself. If I keep it for another year then it does too. Hmm actually providing I do sell it for a reasonable amount (and it's still in the same condition) then yes it will pay for itself, but I've never done as well selling something on the ebay as the people who I buy stuff from seem to do.

Counting in Clare's uses as well would work out at about £60 per use for her. She did not like it at all, bit of a waste of money on that front. I will have to see how I use it in the cold wet days leading up to the new year and then decide.

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Tue Sep 10 2019

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