Blog2018 ≫ Waved thing one off on his residential trip today

He's away for two nights and three days on a school trip. He's very excited, hope it's awesome.

We struggled a bit with his packing, he is completely failing to remember where anything is. He's taken two bags with him, a rucksack and a small day pack, and some things are in one and some in the other. He cannot remember when tested where anything is, so final straw was when he could not remember where his £5 from Nanny was. It's safe in a small pocket in his small bag but he's been told lots of times, and we're not reminding him again, I expect to find it there on his return. Also expecting all the spare clothes to be unworn, towel and toothbrush to be untouched, etc. I expect he'll find the sweets though.

Oh yeah also am I a bad dad, because he was the only one with a rucksack on his back, rather than a hen-do wheely case and several carrier bags for all the things that wouldn't fit in the small case? I don't think so. He had to take sleeping bag, pillow, towel, etc, and it all fits in that big bag. I think it's the right choice. Isn't it? The small day pack is just for waterproof trousers and gloves and hat when he's out on activities in the day.

If he loses that new torch I won't be happy.

Thing two went into breakfast club this morning as we were all at the school early, and I've started work early. Will we all sit around in silence this evening?

No run this morning for me.

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