Blog2018 ≫ I get up when I want

... except on Saturday when I am rudely awoken by a 5k Folkestone Park Run1! Yep finally signed up for it, so at 9am Saturday I will be running along the Leas.

I did a practice this morning, I was awake at 5am so went out a little earlier than usual... Unsurprisingly no-one around at this time. I pushed myself a bit further to be sure I did the 5k and not stop at 4.5k or anything as I have been doing. Made reasonable time, I think my good time the other day really was because the wind was at my back for a lot of it.

I got some bonus exercise today too, I forgot thing two's lunchbox so had to run back to school for it between meetings this morning. I am working from home today so it was no problem.

5k: Five km, just over three miles to you.

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