Blog2007 ≫ Folkestone property boom!

Well sort of. First off this bungalow1 that I pass every day on my walk from Westenhanger station to work has sold within two weeks of the board going up, that seems pretty speedy to me. I thought it might do, it's not all that to look at, but it's probably quite a decent sized plot in a nice (but too rural for you or I) location.

ALSO, now this is the good bit, we bumped into our neighbour at the weekend, he says he's had his flat valued recently, it's identical to us but on the ground floor, and it's worth about FIFTY PERCENT more than I thought! OK, that's 50% higher than my most pessimistic estimate, rather than 50% higher than my wildest dreams, but still, kerching, wahey, etc. Also, his flat has us as a neighbour, that must be holding the value back a bit. None of this is really important as we're not planning to sell, but it's good to know.

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