Blog2007 ≫ Only used a mac once

⬆️Macs are good for work too

didn't like it much. I spent the whole time fixated by the fact I had to make a computer work with only 1 mouse button. Not had much call to use one since. My girlfriend uses one in the lab office at work & dreams of a half decent PC cos it keeps overheating & locking up.. Then again it's probably pretty old. I'm sure a fan could help ;) I find the ads arguments riddled with holes and omissions - but hey, they are very funny nevertheless.

That rant was from Charlie Brooker, of TV Go Home1 and Nathan Barley2 fame.. He's back with a new series of Screenwipe on BBC4. The first series of screenwipe was BLUDDY GRATE.

💬 Yes I watched the new Screenwipe

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