Blog2005 ≫ Spyware schmyware

Using Microsoft's anti-spyware has been rolled out at work now, and while it doesn't think Firefox is Spyware1 (that's probably a fake screenshot) it is coming up with a lot of warnings, including some about MSIE itself every day, including warning me against trying to set my own homepage, and it's setting MSIE as the default browser. Annoying! UPDATE: Perhaps that's what's stopped GMail from working here too.

My new image processing thing is coming along, think I've got enough bandwidth allowance to just put it all live, but I'm not keen to have the pages spidered yet. Had a few probs with ImageMagick, I made it delete all my original images, that's not good... to resize an image to a size if it's bigger than that size already, here's the command:

convert -resize 480x320> original.jpg new.jpg

DER who forgot to escape that > symbol then? Should have been

convert -resize '480x320>' 'original.jpg' 'new.jpg'

that sorts out my image and folder names with blanks in too...

BASTARD OF THE DAY: The post office, Clare paid 6.95 to send a set of keys to her folks guaranteeing they'd be there by 9 this morning, as they're going round to do some painting for us on their day off. A card was put through their door at 9.30 saying "we tried to deliver" etc, though they didn't ring the doorbell. So now we have to do more of the painting ourselves, and as my lovely girl pointed out yesterday we really need the next few weekends for packing up and cleaning in London, ready for the big move...

No excitement on the way into work today.

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