Blog2018 ≫ Christmas over quickly then

Was a good but very rushed christmas. As I write this I am just back from the Chambers Boxing Day Quiz, where Jeff and I came a very respectable fourth. We really could have won this I think, we were second at the half way point. The problem is mostly the music round, the new music I don't know, and the old music that I used to know I just don't remember. Was different this year, less raucous, and no free drinks, and we had to pay to enter. Still, fun though.

Boxing Day lunch was round at Dean's as usual and nice. Thing one and I walked there, he on his new scooter, then Clare walked back. Thing two not walking or scooting or riding anywhere. Not sure he is convinced by his main christmas gift of a bike yet. Also thing one was less than enthused by his new scooter. They're so spoiled. They are happier with some of their other presents, books and the Nintento Labo especially.

My favourite gift was a chilli subscription, lots and lots of hot sauce and more on the way, awesome. Clare did very well for me, I less so for her. Will try to make up in the new year, with excitement such as the treadmill and possibly even a new vacuum cleaner.

Back to work in the morning for both of us (was going to write "tomorrow" but as it is after midnight it's actually today), though I am working from home. Then the weekend, and then pay day, and then another day off, smashing.

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