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⬆️Folkestone Weekender

Had a great weekend, Chambers let me down a bit though, or I let it down, it was too smokey in there, so I was sat there being a bit quiet with streaming eyes, and feeling guilty for getting everyone else to go there. No-one else seemed to mind, or notice it, or notice me not enjoying it so much, so maybe I got away with it. Possibly it was just the fact the air-con wasn't on, and it's a basement sort of place with no natural ventilation that made it like that, and probably I should not put too much importance on it by going on about it. ACE cider in there, Bushell's something or other, though I stuck mostly to the London Pride. Reckon I will work out an up to date review for

Got to remember to do things, search for our old doctors' addresses so that we can sign up with new doctors, having now found one here in Stokey that is accepting new patients. Also need to check out a rumour that popbitch.com2 has been HACKED! Sounds like bollocks, we'll see...

Doctors MacDonagh,Morgan,Bentham & Antony, Lee Health Centre, 2 Handen Road, London SE12 8NP Doctor S.S Chudha Blackfriars Medical Centre, 45 Colombo Street, London SE1 8EE Doctor Michael Dalton Abney House Medical Centre, 2 Defoe Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 0EP

💬 someone did get some popbitch passwords, how slack

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