Blog2009 ≫ Tweeting this post / gig / venue

Surely I've got better things to do?

Done some work on my "reply to this on twitter" functionality of the site, and have set it up for real authentication when I get the time. So now the "Twitter" link below this post should take you to /tweet/m13020 which grabs the short url of the post, an id number hashtag and takes you to your twitter page to reply. Not that sophisticated yet, but as I say I've put some placeholders in. See it on the blog, gig pages or venue pages. The main problem I have right now is just much of your 140 characters I've taken up already, what to do about that? I'm thinking I need my own unique / tinyurl type domain so I could combine these things. I guess I should drop the #m13020 as I can identify the post you meant from the url in there... maybe I'll do that now. Next stop what, remove the @pauly1?

The whole point of this is that I then have something else checking twitter for replies in this format and putting them back on the site again. Give it a go if you like2.

Yes I should have better things to do with my time, but the boy's sleeping, shopping and housework are done, dinner is on and I've even made a stew for lunches and one dinner in the week. Industrious, so rewarding myself with a sit down and, er, basically the same sort of thing I do from 9-5 everyday anyway.

Roberts DAB IPOD dock3 ordered, so no more reviews or advice please!

💬 @pauly testing

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