Blog2009 ≫ Due day plus one

No sign yet, think I might be in work tomorrow...

Still no sign of the baby yet, did not have the curried pineapple for tea that one friend suggested, stuck with our Sunday usual of chilli. We have decided that the baby will probably come on Saturday as that's the only day that anyone has any plans... the in-laws are off babysitting as a chunk of the family are off to a wedding. So if he comes then it will likely mean a frantic run around Kent for Clare's Mum and Dad to be on hand. Would be better if he turns up that weekend I think as it means my Mum and Dad get to see him that bit sooner anyway.

Not up very early today, should be doing chores today including trying to clean a huge bird poo off our kitchen window. No access at all to the outside of these windows, we're on the second floor and they don't open the right way, so luckily it rained overnight, that's taken the edge off it. Clare's nesting instinct has kicked in a bit more, but only by proxy, so she has a list of jobs for me to be doing. Just as soon as I've finished messing about on the computer. I've written a good library search based thing that I thought about the other day. Soon as I iron out these last few bugs I will post it up.

Funny to be thinking about library books as a distraction because the baby is overdue.

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