Blog2018 ≫ Electricitastrophe

Aargh suddenly no electric this morning! Wait, but how are you updating this blog if there is no electricity. I think I fixed it, by basically unplugging everything...

Clare's shower suddenly went cold, I checked around and the main trip switch had gone. Turning it back on just made it trip again, so I went round the house and disconnected everything. Still tripping. I isolated each part of the house on the consumer unit at a time and narrowed it down to just sockets on the middle floor. Annoying as that's where everything is. But progress. Then realised one socket was behind the sofa was still plugged in, unplugged this, turned the rest on and bingo.

Thought about calling an electrician, but think I can sort it out. The socket in question was a new one that I had put in to replace a previous "USB" one which had blown and caused a short. So possibly something other than that circuit. I must admit I do have an extension lead plugged in to it and another extension lead plugged in to that, but this was only so as to run cabling and hide some big transformers and the router etc under the sofa, I don't think it was overloaded... All the devices plugged in to it are ok still, including the Nest, the router, and the LightwaveRF router bridge. I think I can remove one of the extensions now. Will replace the socket again and see what happens.

There's about a 1% chance that there were teeth marks on one of the extensions, as if a mouse had been at it. No fresh mouse poo though so it must be from the previous mouse party. I'm keeping quiet about that though, better everyone thinks it is my dodgy DIY than starts worrying about a mouse again.

I was panicking thinking I'd have to take the day off at no notice (actually, I was panicking, but also thinking "nice a surprise day off") but have got nearly everything plugged back in well in time to start work. Going to WFH today anyway as all the rest of the two teams I'm working in are remote. I'm still on a special project with one other person who is in France, and my main team are split between Bulgaria, The New Forest, and one other WFH in Folkestone somewhere.

We are going to have small problems later when we realise something didn't come back on nicely, like number two's nightlight clock.

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