Blog2018 ≫ We need a new vacuum cleaner

Thinking of getting a new Dyson, our existing ones are basically picking nothing up any more so are a waste of time. The new ones are all rechargable, basically bigger powerful versions of the handheld that we have. They're not even making the traditional type any more, so if we want one it has to be this type. But, five hundred quid! New Atlas reviews it here1, I often read New Atlas anyway for camper vans and other tech and interesting things. I can't quite convince myself that this is a cool gadget though even though it will be more expensive than any other I have bought myself.

Going to get some new wheels for the Beetle - I have wanted to replace these wheels for a while, I was going to go for stock but someone at work has a set of four EMPI 8s, this is what all the beetles used to have. And it's a good price, and I'm worth it. Not quite so sure the car is though it's starting to run a bit rough. I think it is misfiring, same as it was before. I took it into Volksfarmers and they just replaced the exhaust. Probably needed doing but it didn't address the issue I took it in for.

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