Blog2003 ≫ Office Cleaning Day

Rushing through my PopEx admin this morning (charts to add, etc) then this afternoon is the great office clean, bit odd, then a big company meeting, even odder.

Have noticed lots of wacky referers, that aren't actually referers at all, but are showing up as such. I assume it's a new clever kind of spam - get details of weblogs from some blog indexing service or aggregator, and then request one page from each blog, putting in your own page as the referer. Bloggers spend every second of every day checking out who's been checking them out, so they'll always go back to these pages to see what they're about... SMART! Might give it a go when I have more time.

Did 6k on the bike this morning, but still haven't done that "citation" thing I was thinking about a while back...

5k: Five km, just over three miles in old money.

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