Blog2003 ≫ PopEx Chart Commentary

Put my popex chart commentary back in, like this for the Triple J chart in Australia... it looks better when not everyone is a new entry! Meeting today to talk about mobile phone things on the web, more popex admin and then The Darkness tonight, hopefully with some sort of aftershow action...

Also going to work on some sort of "mass insert" of gigs today, well start anyway. Need to do some proper analysis first, of how the existing gig guide is managed though. Not so that I can replicate that, as it's almost certainly not the best way of doing it, but so I can best explain my system to the people who are using the existing system... How arrogant!

The 106 is back on course now, at least in the home -> work direction, going the opposite way it's still going right down Stoke Newington Church Street and missing off our end of Manor Road...

💬 The Darkness homecoming gig

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