Blog2006 ≫ Cackling, dozy

Didn't sleep so well last night, perhaps it was the residual excitement of such a nice weekend, or maybe it was apprehension about what this week will bring. Either way, neither of us could sleep. So good then that there were some OUTSIDERS in our carriage today, a couple of cackling harpy bimbos shrieking at each other all the way to London. Do they not know The Rule? The first carriage is - SSSHHHH - a silent carriage, be quiet, we really need to sleep.

Lovely day for it though, whatever the day throws at me. It's started with PopEx being DOWN! Fret not, just that the backups have all been working smoothly and it filled up a partition, so the web server couldn't write any log files since the early hours, so it didn't serve any pages. Back now.

Ooh, hosepipe band for us. This would trouble me more if I had a garden, or a car to wash, or a hosepipe.

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