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⬆️I aspire to a gold card, but I struggle to pay off my debts

These are poor families in low-rise estates.

The estates are home to nearly as many single parents as traditional two parent families. There are many school age children and families are larger than average. There are also some couples whose children have left home. Housing is usually in the form of low-rise council terraces, perhaps with three bedrooms, but still crowded for the size of family.

To be earning anything approaching an average income is rare. Long-term unemployment is high, and employment is routine factory or manual work.

Travel is on foot or by public transport since few own a car.

With money tight, food shopping might be in Aldi or Kwik Save. Clothes might be bought at Asda, New Look or frequently from catalogues.

In common with other low income types, the pub, betting, football pools, lottery and bingo are common activities and entertainments. One luxury might be cable TV.


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