Blog ≫ 2005 ≫ Have Google blocked access to their maps?

Not only did my maps stop working, but also those at this handy tutorial site... bah!

Google maps Google group is still there, keeping an eye on the Google Maps group for a resolution... Sites like craigs list plus and are still working as they've taken their own copy of the script and are hosting it, I'm just linking to the scripts on Google's site... Come on the goog, make this official!

See Folkestone pub map, my map mashup.

No probs on the way in today, didn't feel much like sleeping either though. Have finished The Davinci Code, OK I thought though the ending was the weakest part. Giving Krondor: The Betrayal a go now, I've always been a bit put off this serialisation of the game, thinking it wouldn't be as good as any other of Raymond E Feist's books. While searching for that pleased to see that Flight of the Nighthawks is on the way.

💬 Traffic and Rail map

💬 3477

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