Blog2007 ≫ Freecycling insanity

Got several things in the flat that I could really do with getting rid of (no, not you the wife) and they're too good to chuck and they're either electrical or too heavy for me to be taking to a charity shop, so I have been checking out the Folkestone freecycling mailing list1, to see how it works, what sort of things are offered, what sort of things are wanted etc. This offer caught my eye today:

  1. Offered: 2X Blank C90 Tapes: Folkestone Date: Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:54 am ((PDT))

Well I'm never going to ues them. Please take them away!

Just throw them away man, two blank cassettes, is it really worth storing them, waiting for someone to collect them, etc? And posting at five to four in the morning, what's going on there? The most bizarre thing of all though is that they were then taken by someone within the hour.

Some people just take the piss though, this guy posts different wanted ads most days for various high value things:

I am studying restoration and collect paintings, therefore I am looking for old oil paintings, especially ones that need restoration

This is the only thing that's put me off using this so far, there must be people trawling the list looking for money making opportunities...

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