Blog2005 ≫ Home Alone

Working at home today, something made the central heating go off during the night, so no hot water, and I am too much of a wuss to have a cold wash. I'm not not going in because I'm unclean and smelly, that would be fine (for me) but my hair goes into a massive afro these days without damping it down, and that would be too frightening for my cow-orkers to see.

Work chum has had more IPOD trouble resulting in him getting a free IPOD from Apple. Not bad for him, but it sounds like not a good sign. On the subject of work, these sites of mine are starting to come up every time someone googles for something work related, should I start watching what I say here? Of course I do anyway, and I AM WORKING REALLY HARD and I'VE NOT HAD A PAYRISE FOR A FEW YEARS.

Lawks, needs updating:

Highest Death Toll From A Tsunami Following an earthquake off the coast of Sanriku, Japan, in 1896, approximately 27,000 people were drowned when a tsunami hit the coast. A wave that struck Shirahama had an amplitude of 38.2 m (125 ft).

You can give money here, it's hard to take in just how big this thing is.

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