Blog2006 ≫ Did all my links break?

[s]Bah, [reply]can anyone see any of the embedded videos below[/reply]? What did I do?[/s] And then all the videos came back...

What I did do today is walk up to the out of town Sainsbury's on a quest for Coke Zero, as no-one in town has it... also tried to sign up at a dentist, YES I KNOW you are not accepting NHS patients, but please don't speak to me like I'm an unemployed! I do have some work now ACTUALLY, a fairly short contract, but all will be revealed soon.

Tonight: off to Keppel's, the bar under The Grand, a big old hotel type affair down the end of the road. Not been in there before, I always thought it might be a bit quiet and lacking, like most hotel bars. On my recent jaunt there to try and give blood I noticed a sign saying "[fg=real ale]Real Ales[/fg]", so that's got to be worth a look...

Keppel's is named after Alice Keppel, mistress of Edward VII, and I think she's also an ancestor of that woman who won Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Here's a history of The Grand, it's not quite as down-at-heel as that guy makes it sound, but it's not the kind of place for secret royal liaisons any more. It's "managed apartments" now, rather than a hotel as you might understand it, but still an impressive looking place. Not so sure about the reference to Keppel's as a restaurant though, will report back... in the mean time here's a nice snippet of showbiz history from the history I just linked to:

Robert Morley and Michael Caine made their stage debuts at Grand Hotel, and Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express in this very building.

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