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Forgot two things from the weekend! I drove my old VW Beetle in the first time since I don't know when! Sold the car in about 1993 I think, to a friend, and when it had finally conked out on him he offered it back to my Dad who towed it back home. It's been back up and running and road legal for a while, but I've not been insured to drive it. Now I have my own fully comp insurance, I am, so I did! First time it'd been out with two people in it (Dad didn't trust me to drive it on my own), and the extra weight of the passenger didn't work so well with the new wheel and tyre combo - it's very low and the wheel arches skimmed a whole lot of rubber off the tyres :-( So, I had to get out and walk back from Fareham before the tyres blew... Just need to adjust the suspension then I hope I will have another drive next time I'm down.

Plus, the nephews farm, they have lots of chickens and ducks and other birds now in the garden and have built an ace brick outhouse for them all to live in.

Photos to come. Of the chicken, didn't take any new ones of the beetle. It still looks much like this, only without the snow this weekend. Don't know why that is such a bad picture, nor why I don't have any really old pictures of me driving it.

UPDATE: Cheers Dad, here's a picture of me driving it!

From [All Photos](

Looks cooler now than it did then, and so do I! A shame that graphic from the door is no longer there, wonder if Dave will make me another one for our boring Fiesta..?

If you zoom in on Mum and Dad's house in [gmap=portchester]Portchester on Google Maps[/gmap], you can see the beetle parked out the front of the house...

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