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Our day of Rugby in Twickenham on Saturday was absolutely fab, and I'll be going again (next time we get cheap tickets for a high profile final that is). London Wasps gave a good thrashing to the faves Leicester Tigers, 39-14. We went straight to a pub called The Fox when we got to Twickenham, so missed all but the last few minutes of the first game, but the main feature was all go. A very speedy penalty, then a crazy "where did that come from" try from Tom Voyce (of course I had to look this up), then another penalty all within the first ten minutes... Kind of a shame for Martin Johnson to get such a drubbing on his final outing, but there you go. Man of the match was Mark van Gisbergen who seemed to score just about all "our" (I lived in London for ages, and still work there, and I've only been to Leicester once. I picked this side before the game, honest) other points... Why does this guy not play for England I asked at one point, only to realise that perhaps he's not English... Read a proper match report1, courtesy of Zurich Rugby2.

Half time entertainment was from QUEEN! Well, it was tribute band Magic, playing it like it was Live Aid, very good. Here are some pictures of our day.

Hmm, we look like the kind of people you'd hate to bump into on a day out, and the drink really was flowing. Headed back to The Fox again before home time, and though I did snooze a little on the train I made it back to Chambers just in time for last orders.

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