Blog2018 ≫ Not such a good park run

I came 100th this week! And my time was a good minute slower than the week before. I'd still have been very pleased with this a couple of months ago (and astounded by it a year ago) but not a great run. I did have a bit of a hangover though and considered not going, so glad I saw it through.

The previous night I'd had my regular shift at The Inn Doors, very pleasant, a few rhubarb ciders enjoyed. Then over to The Ship Inn to meet pa-in-law and some other relatives-in-law, also nice. The Ship is so quiet, but not in a good way.

Saturday afternoon we went to Ashford to spend some christmas money at the outlet. I only got a mobile phone holder that straps onto my arm for running with, but we had a good lunch at Pizza Express, and then a nice coffee and mince pie in Caffe Nero while waiting for Clare to finish her gym gear shopping.

Saturday night I stayed in and mostly worked on the javascript port of the Google Calendar scheduling of my lightwaverf api, for all my home automation fun. It's just about there now so the javascript api has 90% of the functionality of my very old ruby version.

After that I watched Ant Man, as it was on TV, was good.

Today we have been visiting friends and now the boys are building Nintendo Labo while waiting for their tea.

Work tomorrow, then the Inn Doors again after. Undecided what time to go there, I like the idea of going early and leaving early but other friends are going later and staying for the duration.

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

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