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What a great game and result on Saturday! we started off as usual with a trip to Canterbury, where there was a local food fair on, with stalls and demonstrations and things, and lots of local food producers in attendance. Got some bread and some plants and some cider and some biscuits, would love to see events like this going on more often. Lunch at Wagamama for a rare treat and back to watch the rugby with the in-laws.

Power supply problems at my brother-in-laws in Etchinghill, fuses blowing, and we had the fear of missing the game. Some confusion over the suround sound on the TV saw someone hit the wrong button at just the wrong time, and the TV turned to static just as Josh Lewsey was powering towards the line at only a minute and a half in! A fantastic start to the game, I would imagine, we just about got up and running again in time for the replays. A tense game after that, we were cursing every kick Jonny missed, but he got there in the end. We stayed up far too late after the game drinking cider and wine we'd bought in town.

Sunday, a bit groggy, we shopped and not much else until the South Africa game in the evening, they're a bit too good, fingers crossed for the final on Saturday though. We have a family birthday celebration that day so it will heighten a victory or temper a defeat anyway.

Work, still very busy, the team is back up to strength again following a holiday, and hopefully we're getting more staff soon too.

Listening to more Rebus and also some Italian language lessons in far advance of next year's holiday. Watching, not much really, Our amazon dvd rentals1 have been held up by these postal strikes. From the little I know of the issue, I have no sympathy at all, but I don't want to say too much as I'm dependent on the post to deliver my Nan's birthday present tomorrow. Friendly posties, if you are reading this, please go back to work in the Kent and Hampshire regions now. We have had the occasional handful of mail here on the days between the strikes, whereas in SW1 where Clare works they've been hit by unofficial wildcat strikes on the days between official disruption.

In other TV watching news, there are too many poor quality food shows on at the moment, normally I love these, but Nigella Lawson and the Wild Gourmets just make me want to kick the telly in with their insincerity and artifice. Hoping we can get some sort of cable TV set up soon, for a bit more choice and then the power of recording too, so I can watch the daytime shows like Saturday Kitchen2 at a time convenient to me...

Damn, have I really been hosting that Amazon ad all this time with revenues going back to Channelfly?


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