Blog2008 ≫ KML

Created some kml1 files from my pub / restaurant data on Folkestone Gerald, part of my plan to clean up my maps and things, kml is a standard that's been adopted by google for Google Earth and maps and things, and is possibly better suited than my existing georss feeds2. I say possibly, because at the moment I'm not sure these even work, and look, see the georss versions support tags and things3. AND OBVIOUSLY, it's just XML, and what do you care about that? Not a great deal. You could plug them straight into google maps or something, but they're not a great thing in their own right, like any feeds, they're just snippets of information that will be used by some other application, not directly by you, but I thought I'd throw them out there. This is the sort of thing I'm doing, it's all of the format

http://www.[folkestonegerald](/wiki/#folkestone/gerald).com/v/ *Place* / */wiki/#you/are/for* .kml

They might be a bit slow

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