Blog2011 ≫ Just waved Clare off to the airport

She's gone off with brother number one to visit brother number two in the Americas. Flying early in the morning so I got them a good deal on an airport hotel can you tell who with?

Harry is in bed, with a big plaster across his head. I'd like to get this in first, he cut his head while he was out with Clare today, he fell over running along the street. I was not there, it was not me, it's not the case that as soon as Mummy's back is turned I am injuring him. Not a nice cut though, across a big bruise :-(

Just got a panicking call from work about something that had broken, all was working fine from here, but someone else has tracked it down. No blame culture and all that, but it wasn't me...

Spaghetti bolognaise sauce is out of the freezer and in the microwave. I hope Clare has left enough frozen meals for both of us for every day she is away! Freezer does look quite packed so we'll be ok for a day or two, plenty for Harry anyway. I can see me running the freezer down over the next week (you're a crap freezer, call that cold, that's actually quite warm, etc).

I'm working as normal tomorrow, dropping Harry off with grandparents as I go, then we're meeting up again at the end of the day for fireworks. Then a week and a bit off, just us boys, trying to fend for ourselves. Apart from the days when my mum and dad are coming here to help.

After tea I'm installing an HD video sender, exciting stuff! Will hopefully be able to watch the sky plus from upstairs before bed time...

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