Blog2006 ≫ Boo... RAH!

I thought with the film coming out and everything, about now would be a peak value time for my old V for Vendetta(by Alan Moore, not the hairdresser from Portchester though) comics. I've never sold anything else when I maybe should have done (like the first Darkness single(Was going for 120 quid plus, not so sure any more)), I always hang on too long until the price starts to slip and then just don't bother. Anyway issue one of Warrior, featuring the first appearance of V for Vendetta is is currently going for less on Ebay than the Pokemon books I've been buying for the nephew. My Ebay experiences have not been good. ALSO, lots of noisy people on the train this morning, so no sleep.

BUT, RAH! I'm off to Twickenham on Saturday to see the England v Ireland game. It's not a pointless game at all, if England beat Ireland by a few hundred points and Scotland beat France, we might still win this! Hmm... The journey on the day itself will be a bit of a trial, there are engineering works meaning a replacement bus service for part of it, and we'll be travelling back late and very drunk...

Just done a nice little update to my script that runs this place to make it easier for me to pop sensible text into the little pop up boxes you get when hovering over links on here. I'll stop them flickering like mad bastards soon too, I promise.

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