Blog2004 ≫ Oystercard problems

Mate at work has had a problem with his oyster card and I wonder if it's the same thing that happens to me... as his journey starts at a station with no swipe points, his journeys are being charged at the maximum rate, that is in the terms and conditions for a pay as you go card... BUT, his card isn't pay as you go anyway, it's a monthly travelcard, like mine. So, this could be why yesterday's bus driver told me I was out of credit. Time to investigate a refund!

Plan for the day is to sort out the Barfly highlights for their website at last... I became convinced yesterday that as soon as this is done, they'll be not what they want, and it'll need redoing... I have assumed that highlights of gigs should be listed in the order of the gig date, and if a gig passes, or is sold out, or is otherwise not a highlight for the website, they should remove it from the list... but now I hink they might want to promote a gig that is in a couple of months time as their top priority, then a gig that is next week as number two on the list, then another gig third, no date ordering at all... this will make more work for them on the admin side, which I suspect will lead to it not being used.

Found out why I heard nothing from solicitors and estate agents yesterday, someone disconnected my phone while I was away, and now there doesn't seem to be a free slot to plug me back in.

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