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Hmm, actually it was only a crane on a truck picking up a car to paint double yellow lines under it, but it looked sort of cool. More double yellows are muchly needed along Manor Road, it's not really wide enough to be a bus route with cars parked either side. Not sure about the rights of the residents along that road though, possibly no-one has the right to on-road parking down there, or anywhere.

Still no sign of the IPOD, though the money's gone and apparently it's been dispatched. Also, 0k on the bike today, and the same yesterday, it's been too cold and dull to be getting up early.

Working on searching the band bible today, and got to find out why some of the longer data items (the cruel comments on demos) haven't all been imported. Got all the "industry database" bits working nicely now though, this is going to be quite a powerful tool... Going to put it all together with the new design (featuring a sneaky hidden picture of me) and the powers that be will love it.

Also working on a new management tool, that will hopefully get me the extra Darkness tickets that I need... Yes there's extra tickets for Manchester, but we want extra tickets for Folkestone...

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles in old money.

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