Blog2010 ≫ What a cracking day

Weather lovely in Canterbury today. Enjoy the work party if you are going...

Weather has been fabulous today. Started off a little bit murky, but that was probably getting up so early for Water Babies. The boy had quite a good one, he got the holding on to the edge of the pool at last, but he's not enjoying it quite as much as he used to.

Had a nice stroll round Canterbury with The boy while Clare shopped. The boy should have been napping but did not, he's held up well today for so little sleep. We lunched in Wagamama for the first time in ages, tried the boy on their children's menu but he did not take to it, so we brought it home in a takeaway pot. I got some nice wine in the Goods Shed, a brace of bottles each of two different French wines, one all Syrah (hmm oops the perils of a wine diary Clare did not like it1) and one a blend. Nice, will try not to drink them all tonight.

Got a removeable hard drive full of Harry Clarke stuff from Clare's uncle that I'm about to go through, scans of documents and old photos and things.

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