Blog2009 ≫ What DAB radio IPOD dock should I get?

Just gathering some of the recommendations received on the blog...

Considering this Roberts one or this from Denon1. A chum recommends Chronos iDock1 but it looks a bit clock-radio to me. Want quite a big sound. Audiophiles do seem to slag off BOSE but I like the sound of the IPOD dock my folks have. So, anyone with any recommendations please chip in. I want a half decent setup, but all in one box. It's for the kitchen, must have DAB and IPOD dock.

Been very busy at work this week, sorry for limited blogging. We just launched some cool new parking addons that I have done all the dev for. At last, this project has been overtaken by bigger projects a few times, good to have it out there. Also got some cool new page speed fixes going live at the same time. Feels good to have achieved something this week!

Day off tomorrow, The boy's staying at Granny's so Clare and I are OUT! The boy's been eating real food this week, he's coming on in leaps and bounds. By "real food" I only mean baby rice so far but Clare is cooking him his first meal today - pureed sweet potato.

Right off for a bit, missing a big pub lunch today but I might do one of my semi regular drives to Starbucks.

New stereo, Starbucks, whatever next, shopping at Waitrose? Is it payday or something? Yes it is, rah!

Have run out of time today to improve my "retweet this gig" stuff that I had an idea about overnight. Really just an excuse for me to be even more boring about stuff than I am already. Was talking on Twitter about The Libertines and how I wish I'd paid closer attention at the time. Didn't want to give the impression I'd not seen them at all, I did, at least twice. I just need a one click way to remind everyone how cool I used to be. Will try and work on it at the weekend...

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