Blog2007 ≫ Why is MJ Hibbett not showing up on my "blogroll"?

Not missing you off my links section on purpose man!

I've been using social bookmarking1 site and then filtering out just links I've given a rating too. I've saved so why's it not showing up in my blogs links feed? Have I hit some kind of limit? Do I need to demote more people? Anyone know? is great, I don't know many people who use it on a day to day basis though.

Back pain again today, still working though :-(

Ah, does look like I've hit a limit, see my actual list of blogs, mjhibbett.net2 appears one below nicpillinger.com3 who is in the RSS list. I might have to prune some that I don't actually read any more. By the time you read this (if you even read this far), everything will be back to normal again...

UPDATE: Looks like there's a bad character in someone's XML (maybe's?) that's stopping my synchronisation running...

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