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Fifty grand's worth of comic here1, all scanned in, thanks to for that link, something interesting and random every day, check them out...

Had some Good Cooking2 for lunch, real back of the cupboard stuff, pasta and a jar of sauce I've been putting off using. It's Sainsbury's vegan porcini mushroom sauce, and Clare doesn't like mushrooms so her being at work today gave me the prime opportunity to use it. Plus having nothing else at all in the house to eat. Anyway it was nice, if not much more interesting than a packet of pasta'n'sauce.

IPOD difficulties today, it's refusing to play some newly encoded tracks, I think the database has got a bit corrupted by me unplugging it when it wasn't ready, doh! Possibly need to get all the tracks off it, reformat it and upload again, but I don't have the disk space to do that until I install this new drive, double doh!

Hard drinking later for Nic P's birthday, starting at The Langley.

💬 storage for the ipod

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