Blog2004 ≫ Mozilla are go

Everyone at work's installing Firefox1 in response to this latest security hole in MSIE - this has got to be a good day for takeup of this browser, and a crippler for Microsoft!

Poor The Flatmate arrived home from Glastonbury this morning, having not slept, got on the 5am train, and then straight into work and out tonight, still on no sleep, by tonight she will be an ZOMBIE! Impressed that Big Jimmy managed a post every day on his glasto blog2, but this blog3 managed a little more.

Casino Avenue and London Filter4 picked up on my Urs Meier / David Bowie thing the other day, the path to riches is surely paved with referals.

Got some programming to do today, I realised my caching routine was running away with a load of memory, NOT GOOD. Going to reinstate my work I did with the Google API too. Oh yeah, had a nice weekend with the family, quite exhausted by the nephews and the hangover from drinking out with friends in Fareham... Saw the bungalow again, and it's not a bungalow any more, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms where the roof used to be, SMART!

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