Blog2008 ≫ Lovely wedding!

Went to a wedding at the weekend , and it was lovely. Got out of work early Friday, trained up to meet Clare at Auberge then a step around the corner to The Wellington at Waterloo to get a real ale, then another step around another corner to a pub that I don't think I even knew was there, though it's quite close to my old house. Maybe it was shut or just too frightening when I lived there? Will find out the name1 and update the London pub list2 later. We got a late train and then a well appreciated lift to Mum and Dad's and watched Bonekickers when we got there, and it was very poor again.

Wedding was at Portchester Castle, a church service that I would have rather done without, but lovely anyway. On next to the reception at The Holiday Inn. So nice to see all the family, and the food was good and the father of the bride's speech was moving and the best man's was funny. I'm pretty sure you're not actually supposed to say penis in your speech though, I think there's a rule.

Back early the next day so as to be able to get some groceries in when we got back. a great - if short - weekend. Pictures to follow.

Have a go on my pub mapplet3, go on, and let me know what you think. I spent hours on that. Yes it does work for your town too, not just Folkestone. I will come up with a nicer way soon to add a missing pub to the map. That works, but it could be improved, it's all geared around me and my way of working.


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