Blog2010 ≫ Heavy snow again here

Walk to / from the station is going to be fun...

A burst of heavy snow this morning in Folkestone that stopped as quickly as it started, but it's been snowing fairly consistently all day here at work, and it's just started to settle. It's going to be a fun walk back to the station. Yes I'm still getting the train every day, my little bit of exercise walking to and from the station each day is surely doing me the world of good.

Saying that, I think I'm getting another cold. The same one The boy has no doubt, though his hasn't really turned into anything nasty. Just an irritation in my nose and my throat at the moment. Hope we're both well enough for Water Babies on Saturday!

Got another viewing of the flat today, the second one this week, sort of. There was one lined up for Monday but the view cancelled at the last minute. I think the agent has persuaded this couple in just to pacify us as the flat is probably not suitable for them, they have a young child like we do.

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