Blog2008 ≫ My computer is dead!

Bah, turned it on today and I'm getting the blue screen of death1 with a unmountable_boot_volume2 error. Thought at first it was the backup drive or an IPOD plugged in, but no, it's the one and only hard drive that is knackered. Apparently I might be able to recover it3, if I can find my original Windows XP disks.

Oh yes, the backup machine. No of course it's not an actual backup of the disk with operating system etc, I was lazy and just backed up pictures and music and things.

Weekend will be spent partly scrabbling around for some Windows XP disks, and possibly ridiculously buying a new computer.

Luckily I have this old backup computer that I was playing around with. It's got Linus installed on it though and I don't think Clare will like that when she has to work at home this week. Ooh, maybe I dual booted it and I can get away with it.

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